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Edwards-Johnson Memorial Middle School counselors are a vital source of support and guidance for students during a critical phase of their educational and personal development. These dedicated professionals play a crucial role in helping middle school students navigate the challenges of adolescence, while also fostering their academic, social, and emotional growth. Middle school counselors offer a safe and confidential space where students can discuss their concerns, aspirations, and uncertainties.

Through individual counseling sessions, they address a range of issues, from academic struggles and peer relationships to self-esteem and goal setting. Our counselors also collaborate closely with teachers and parents to provide a holistic support system that ensures each student's well-being and success.

By promoting positive coping strategies, teaching conflict resolution skills, and providing tools for decision-making, middle school counselors empower students to navigate the complexities of this transitional period with resilience and confidence.

Their presence is a reassuring reminder that students are not alone on their journey and that they have a trusted advocate to help them overcome challenges and make the most of their middle school experience.